Thursday, May 18, 2006

slaveofone v. Metacrock 2

Continued from slaveofone v. Metacrock
Meta: Sense of the Numinous choose the Bible/scholarship board

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out when I have more time.

Meta: You are clearly ignorant of the traditions you pretend to defend.Rabbi Heliel was told by a pagan that if he coudl recite all the Troah while standing on one leg he would convert. He stood on one leg and said "do not do to others what you would hate to be done to yourself." He then said, "taht is Troah, the rest is commentary." you know so little and you gett so angry becasue beileve differently than you.

As for "getting angry" or getting "so" angry, I have not once been angry either at you or at the subject matter. I am simply carrying on a discussion/argument against propositions that are antithetical to Christianity and are objectionable historically and objectionable to decency. (Plus they make fairly interesting and provocative blog entries, don't you think?) To call another person emotional or ignorant instead of responding to the logical objections raised by them is another logical fallacy called ad hominem.

It may benefit you to know that I am not defending Rabbinic tradition whatsoever. In fact, I am arguing against it. Rabbinic Judaism is heavily influenced by a radically different historical context than first century Judaism so that the two cannot be confused with each other. Rabbinic Judaism and first century Judaism are two very different Judaisms indeed.

It appears that you have not understood this because you have argued based on Rabbinic tradition in later centuries that Jews were a certain way in the first century. This is committing historical anachronism--it is like saying because people in the United States in the 21st Century think of a federal government as a "national" government that the founding fathers thought of a "federal government" in this way also. But as any early 19th Century Webster's Dictionary will tell you, "federal" did not mean national, it meant a "confederacy of independent and separate states".

You accused me of not understanding Hellenistic influences on the first century culture and texts. I now accuse you of not understanding the second century influences of Rabbinic tradition on the history of first century Judaism.


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