Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Theological Parable

On the left is a fish. On the right is a man. One day, the fish decided it wanted to kill the man and take his place on the Earth. It gathered a school about itself and went to war against the man, but the man overcame the fish and cast it and its school into the sea. Since that day, the fish has been constantly interferring in the plans of the man and leading his children to ruin and destruction. But the day will come when this fish and its school makes a final war on the man's children. It will be a tough and bloody war between the fish and the children, but the fish will finally see its end.

Do you believe that could happen?


Blogger rel said...

I'm presuming Dave that with your story that fish are equally intelligent as mankind and they can somehow interfer with mankinds actions. In that case, yes the fish could have a bloody war with mankind. How the fish would attack or make weapons is a rather mind boggling question, but with the inital givens I believe that they could cause massive harm.

On a different note, I presume that you have a connection with Armagaddon here, but I don't see it. I've understood the final war to be the Devil and his human followers verses God and his followers. I mean it would be impossible to fight a war of humans verses spirits.

4:52 PM  
Blogger slaveofone said...

Here is the explanation of the parable... The fish is the Satan. The man is God. The man's children are human beings.

The object lesson is that just as a fish is like a dumb and powerless animal in comparison with the man, so the Satan even if he was an exalted angelic being, is incomprehensibly inferior to an eternal and Almighty God. To believe that the Satan could ever have contemplated displacing God and ruling in his place and then do great things against mankind in which mankind is virtually powerless is as absurd as a fish doing so to a man or to a little child. What is the fish going to do, flap man to death with its tail? An intilligent fish would know it could do nothing was was completely powerless. A dumb, senseless animal would not do this anyway.

So it is with the Satan. What is he going to do? Overthrow a being who is infinitely surperior to himself--a being on whom his very existence is dependant? If he is at all intelligent, he could never entertain the thought. And if he isn't intelligent at all, if he is like a dumb, senseless animal, then he wouldn't try in the first place anyway. The entire concept is unrational and absurd.

12:11 PM  
Blogger rel said...

A possible reason that Satan still attacks us is that he is trying to lessen those faithful to God, but even that is in God's hands. Satan can try to decieve and trick someone, but God can counteract all that. God can give a glimpse of who he is and bring that person back to himself or protect that person from Satan's attacks. Either way Satan must know that God will do what he wants to, when he wants to.

2:24 PM  

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