Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Godflesh, A Poem

by slaveofone

Entropy inversed, the deity in skin,
To show the way that we must go and cleanse us all within.
Frailty of birth, fragile at his death,
Immortal bod, eternal god, released his final breath.

How can one as you be bound within a mortal ball
When all of heaven can't contain a shadow of your all?
Yet one who sits enthroned within unapproachable light
Was sown of flesh, blood, and bone to walk among the night.
And thus He took upon himself the lowest of a form
And unto us a son of man and son of god is born!

Creator now creation, firstborn of the dead,
The incorruptible god of life corrupted by this bread.
Sovereignty besieged, omniscience turned aside,
What weapon forged within your realm could ever touch thy side?

Unless the one imperishable put on the perishable one,
The time of life for us is ended, the time for death is come.
Weep you child born of dust, to dust you will retire,
Yet him who overcomes this life, he never shall expire.
Keep what's written in the book for the time is near at hand
When god and man will meet and dance within the Promised Land.


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