Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr. Speaks

How will the struggle for justice be waged? And I think that is one of the most important questions confronting our generation. As we move to make justice a reality on the international scale, as we move to make justice a reality in this nation, how will the struggle be waged? It seems to me that there are two possible answers to this question. One is to use the all to prevalent method of physical violence. And it is true that man throughout history has sought to achieve justice through violence. And we all know the danger of this method. It seems to create many more social problems than it solves. And it seems to me that in the struggle for justice that this method is ultimately futile. If the Negro succumbs to the temptation of using violence in his struggle for justice, unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate life of bitterness, and his chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos. And there is still a voice crying [Yeshua] into the vista of time saying to every potential Peter, "put up your sword". And history is replete with the bleached bones of nations and communities that failed to follow this command.
--Martin Luther King, Jr., Justice Without Violence- 3 April 1957

On this day when our nation observes a day to Martin Luther, will it observe his words? Will it realize that violence does not stop violence--only love? Love has conquered the old world religions. Love has conquered racism. Love has conquered sexism. And I have a dream that love will conquer terrorism...because there is no greater legislation than this...because God is love and nothing can conquer God. Israel, Palestine, Iraq, U.S. - follow Yeshua...put up your sword.


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