Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anti-war Protesting

I've never actually stood out on the sidewalk waving homemade signs admist a crowd of protestors. My Libertarianism was enough to anger me, but it was faith--my desire to follow Yeshua--which actually put me on the street corner with my signs. The whole thing was spurred on by Bush's proposal to send more troops to Iraq. I guess I had imagined not escaping without having something hurled at me. It was quite pleasing to only be attacked by the cold of the night and a few derogatory remarks. (First time anyone ever called me a Communist...strange that) I didn't exactly agree with some of the things being said at the protest... I also wasn't there for a lot of the reasons others were... But it was good to act for change and give voice to part of the message of Yeshua--that the kingdom of Yahweh is not one of military force, violence, or power, but of self-sacrifice, love, and submission to one's enemeies and those who would destroy you.

There were four signs at my disposal which I interchanged every ten or fifteen minutes:

"Iraqi bloodshed should not be on U.S."

"Violence is the problem, not the solution"

[picture of Yeshua's head] "Warmonger's will inherit the earth?"

"Our troops are not Islam's martyrs"


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