Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baruch's Seal

Some time ago, I wrote about the undeniable archaeological evidence of a character straight out of the book of Jeremiah--Gemariah, son of Shaphan (here). While the details surrounding this seal are not as tidy and clean compared to the other, the evidence and circumstances suggest, in my opinion, that the seal is authentic. Or is it too incredible to believe? Then again, if it's true that the very scroll written by this scribe is faithfully preserved to our day, printed in hundreds of languages, and sitting on most of the bookshelves (and in quite a few hotel rooms) in the north American continent--so say nothing of anywhere else--perhaps the discovery of one of his seals isn't that big a deal!

I wonder who gets more hits online...Homer or Baruch?

"Belonging to Berakhyahu (Baruch), son of Neriyahu (Neriah), the scribe"

The royal title affixed to the end suggests that Baruch was not simply the hired hand of a prophet, but a person in high places--perhaps with blood-ties to the aristocracy--employed at some point directly by the throne of Judah.


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