Friday, October 06, 2006

Voyages in the KJV - 3

(See Voyages - 2)

A few things I find interesting just in this portion of text... Some objects are given masculine instead of neuter pronouns. For instance, it doesn't say “yielding fruit after ITS kind”, it says “yielding fruit after HIS kind.”

Another interesting thing is that the translation does not always follow the Hebrew. There are notes in the sides which, like a modern translation, give more literal renderings. For instance, in verse 4, there is a cross (+), which points to the side margin, where it says the translation “and God diuided the light from the darkeneffe” actually says in Hebrew “and God diuided betweene the light and betweene the darkeneffe”, which communicates something slightly different. So again, like a modern translation, we see the words of scripture being changed in the KJV to accommodate language, not necessarily to follow the actual biblical text word for word as is supposed.

Certain words that must be supplied to make sense in English like “was” (1:2), “it was” (1:4), and “were” (1:7) are in small print using a different typeset. They are not italicized like other KJVs. What a chore that must have been.

Although not occuring in Genesis 1, the name of God, translated LORD, is in a larger print than the rest of the text, not simply capitalized. The four fancy uppercase letters stick out from the rest of the text and resemble almost a sign, not a word, like the proto-Hebrew script used for the name of God in some DSS.


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