Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ILM trusts Linux

Old news, but still cool news...

When it comes to one of the greatest special effects outfits in the business, it's not Microsoft or Apple, but Linux that ILM trusts to get the job done and get it done better than anyone else. Star Wars Episode II and Episode III depended on linux computers.

"The old system is so slow that the clones firing lasers appear to be throwing javelins. We've seen about a five times speed improvement with Linux, which is appreciated! I'd say Linux is one of the most successful efforts we've had."
--Robert Weaver, sequence superviser, ILM

"Due to the speed of Linux, for the first time in my life, 15 years in the business, I'm starting to feel some RSI [repetitive strain injury]'', says Technical Director Robert Weaver. ``Usually you are working the machine, but Linux is so fast it can overwork you.'' Weaver has to remember to take breaks because with Linux he doesn't get any breaks waiting for the machine anymore.
--The Computers of ILM


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