Saturday, March 25, 2006

S.O.D.O.M. - II

In case you haven't been following the case of the man who is on the verge of being sentenced with execution because he left Islam (see The Peace and Mercy of Islam), due to international pressures, there has been an attempt to excuse this crime punishable by death through a plea of insanity. Because he refuses to re-convert to Islam as his government requires, the tyrant labels him insane and institutionalizes him. Instead of being brutally killed by the recorded instruction of a court of law in the public eye, the dissident dies slowly and painfully in the dark where nobody can hear his cries or see his injustice and challenge it.

We here in the nation of the Burning Towers can learn something from Afghanistan. The illegal and unconstitutional wire-tapping done under the umbrella of national security--or the Patriot Act itself--are ways of side-stepping the processes that exist and were put in place to protect us from a tyrannical government like Afghanistan's. And we have allowed it because of a label: terrorism.

Christians, listen up, because this is going to hit you faster than others and you may find yourself standing in Abdul's place. If you can be labeled or possibly linked to a label of some type like terrorism—maybe racism—your rights and liberties can be bypassed and unlawful control or injustice perpetrated on you in this very country. And it will be accomplished by leaders who you elected.
“Even in the United States the standards for civil commitment are lower than those for criminal imprisonment; the Supreme Court found that the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” was not necessary for civil commitment in Addington v. Texas.”
--from "Human Rights Abuses in Mental Institutions Common Worldwide, Perlin Says”


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