Monday, March 20, 2006

The Stage of Truth

I place reason before scripture because all men have reason, not all men have scripture. This doesn't mean that reason is infallible, but that the infallible must be received by the fallible-nothing comes to man except it passes through his reason. Also, reason is the seat of philosophy. One's philosophy will always be the determining factor, is the hardest thing to change, but should reflect and be directed by those sources immediately following-general and special revelation.

The two revelations stand equal to each other on the stage because they must compliment one another. Just as Yeshua did not proclaim the kingdom of Yahweh without performing healings and other mighty deeds in the physical world or just as we have history and creation to look at for verification of those things Yahweh might have said, so there cannot be one without the other.

Tradition stands close behind because of community. The Spirit works primarily in community, not individuals. Community is part of general and specific revelation. If tradition (whether community or otherwise) contradicts or opposes general and specific revelation, revelation has precedence. This is probably where the rubber meets the road most often in life.

Experience and emotion are at the back, emotion being last of all. This isn't to say they have no value, but those at the front of the Stage should eclipse their value, not be eclipsed by them.


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