Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Gospel Account

Below is most of the translation of a Greek papyrus recording an event in the life of Yeshua which does not appear in any Gospel or Church Father. It seems to be genuine and authentic, not only in descriptions of the Temple and its Priesthood, but in the character of Yeshua.

"Taking them along, he went into the place of purification itself and wandered around in the temple. Then a certain high priest of the Pharisees named Levi came toward them and said to the savior, "Who permitted you to wander in this place of purification and to see these holy vessels, even though you have not bathed and the feet of your disciples have not been washed? And now that you have defiled it, you walk around in this pure area of the temple where only a person who has bathed and changed his clothes can walk, and even such a person does not dare to look upon these holy vessels."

Standing nearby with his disciples, the savior replied, "Since you are here in the temple too, are you clean?"

The Pharisee said to him, "I am clean. For I bathed in the pool of David. I went down into the pool by one set of stairs and came back out by another. Then I put on white clothes and they were clean. And then I came and looked at these holy vessels."

Replying to him, the savior said, "Woe to blind people who do not see! You have washed in the gushing waters that dogs and pigs are thrown into day and night. And when you washed yourself, you scrubbed the outer layer of skin, the layer of skin that prostitutes and flute-girls anoint and wash and scrub when they put on make up to become the desire of the men. But inside they are filled with scorpions and all unrighteousness. But my disciples and I, whom you say have not washed, we have washed in waters of eternal life that come from the God of heaven."

--translation of Oxyrhynchus 840 by Andrew Bernhard
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Anonymous Andrea Mayer said...

I'm not sure that I agree that it's the character of Yeshua. Christ did break certain rules, such as eating kernels on the Sabbath, but there was a good reason for that- hunger. He was baptized though, because it was socially expected, even though for him, it was spiritually unnecessary. I think he would have washed his feet unless there was an important reason not to. He still could have preached on the subject- stood by the water and said something like, "you who think you are clean because you wash in the waters where dogs and pigs.... I tell you, you are not clean because you have not washed in the waters of eternal life that come from the God of Heaven". Anyway, that's my thought. I could be wrong, but I don't think there was a good reason for him not to wash his feet first- and did the disciples already have eternal life because they were following Christ, or did that come after Christ died?

11:02 AM  
Blogger slaveofone said...

An interesting thing about Yeshua's character as revealed in the gospels is that he considered himself greater than the temple and in a sense a replacement of it.

In the gospels, Yeshua washes his disciple's feet outside the temple, not inside.

2:07 PM  

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