Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wumpscut's "Golgotha"

Although a blatantly antichristian artist, this song captures lyrically an exceptionally vivid and powerful description of the crucifixion that stirs my soul.
Oh Christ, oh Christ, you were condemned
To die on Roman's cross at end

Pilatus he had not the will
To send the right man to the hill

So he was nailed like ugly scum
To trunks of shame the Carpenter's done

And he screamed out, "I had the will,
But father left me on the hill"

Oh Christ, you are a lunatic
Oh Christ, you're just a lunatic

Go on, scream out, you had the will
To die for us upon the hill

Christ had died
at last he gave the most
Christ had died
at last the holy ghost
Christ had died
at last he had the will
Christ had died
at last he saw the hill



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