Monday, July 31, 2006

Kana and the Untold Story

People are outraged at the deaths of civilians at Kana--and they should be. We should mourn and decry the destruction of human life--more precious than anything! But the fact that people were killed is not the whole story. What the media does not tell you is how the terrorists are purposely firing their rockets from and storing their weapons in civlian houses, buildings, and areas where they know Israel will retaliate. If Israel is going to destroy the ability of terrorists to kill and destroy its people, it must attack the terrorists where they operate and keep their weapons. The terrorists are purposely launching missiles into Israel at civilians while using Lebanese civilians as human shields. In the following article, a mother tells a story her son told her from the front lines about how the terrorists used a baby and a mother to lure Israeli troops to their death--then opened fire both on the Israeli troops and the mother and her baby...

Cry To Those Using Babies As Shields


Blogger mishabomb said...

The horrors of war never cease to shock and amaze me. And yet, I wonder if these individuals know what they are really fighting for! Zealousness is a mystery sometimes...

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