Friday, July 21, 2006

Fed Up With Politics of Religion and Party

I've been long sick and tired of the different political agendas...fed up and over with the various name-calling, party bashing, and the purposed coloring and one-sidedness of information and argument between parties. Someone asks a question or gives an opinion that may very well be ignorant or untrue, but instead of coming at that question or opinion with reasoned evidence AND with a respectful, courteous, and self-sacrificial attitude, the other side responds with a non-answer full of dismissal or reproach based on their otherness. And it doesn't have to be just Republicans or Democrats, it could be Atheists and Christians, who begin a discussion and immediately break down into sarcastic judgments and alienating statements about the other's abilities, ideas, or positions out of their own pride or prejudices.

But what gets me more than anything are political cartoons, which seem to always dehumanize and debase the other so that a person is turned into some kind of monstrous object of scorn or pity symbolic of the viewpoint the author has of the wretchedness of the other's position and ideas. I can't tolerate such disrespect for a human being made in the image of Yahweh. In my book, such a thing is an affront to that man's Creator.


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