Thursday, June 15, 2006

Top 5 Extra-Biblical Passages

In no particular order...
And I went towards all my bound ones in order to loose them; that I might not leave anyone bound or binding. And I gave my knowledge generously, and my resurrection through my love. And I sowed my fruits in hearts, and transformed them through myself. Then they received my blessing and lived, and they were gathered to me and were saved; Because they became my members, and I was their Head.
--Odes of Solomon, 17:12-17a, Charlesworth

Wisdom went forth to make her dwelling among the children of men and found no dwelling-place. Wisdom returned to her place and took her seat among the angels. And unrighteousness went forth from her chambers. Whom she sought not she found and dwelt with them as rain in a desert and dew on a thirsty land.
--1 Enoch, "The Book of Parables", 42:2-3, Charles

I remember you for blessing, O Zion; with all my strength I have loved you. May your memory be blessed forever! Great is your hope, O Zion, that peace and your expected salvation will come. Generation after generation will dwell in you and generations of pious ones will be your splendor.
--Apostrophe to Zion 1-3 (previously unknown psalm), Abegg, Flint, & Ulrich, DSS 11QPs(a); 4QPs(f)

"Then, being here in the temple, are you clean?" He said to him, "I am clean. For I bathed in the pool of David and after going down by one set of stairs, by another I came back [u]p. And I put on white clothes and they were clean and then I came and looked upon these holy vessels." Re[ply]ing to him, the savior said, "Woe to blind people who do not s[e]e! You bathed in those gushing w[a]ter[s] in which dogs and pigs have been ca[st] night and day. And wash[i]ng yourselves, you scrubbed the outer layer of skin which also prostitutes and th[e] flute-girls ano[int a]nd bathe and scrub [and p]ut make up on to become the desi[re] of [t]he men. But from within th[ey][are fill]ed with scorpions and [all unr]ighteousness. But I and [my disciples], whom you say have not wa[shed], we [have wa]shed in waters of li[fe]”
--Oxyrhynchus 840 (previously unknown gospel fragment), lines 23-43, Bernhard

Therefore the enemy is eager to trip up all who call on the Lord, because he knows that on the day in which Israel trusts, the enemy's kingdom will be brought to an end.
--Testiment of Dan, 6:3-5, Kee


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