Monday, June 12, 2006

The Long Linguistic Road

So I've got this passion to one day teach biblical studies, theology, or something along those lines (no, I don't want to be a pastor--I want to be a professor). To do so, I'll need the degree. We're not just talking MDiv here, we're talking Doctorate. And for an MDiv and Doctorate in biblical studies, there are a few things I must become bedmates with. Currently, I know English--and not very well. If I'm going to do this, I need to eat, sleep, and breathe Hebrew. Greek and German are mandatory. French wouldn't hurt. That's good for a basic foundation. From there I can really start learning some things like Aramaic and Ugaritic and Eblaite and Akkadian. The one language I've actually taken for a few years and have dismal skill with--Spanish--I don't need.

Learning the languages is going to be very hard and very painful. But at least I know where to begin. First step: sign up for Hebrew this fall and keep going until I bleed West Semitic. Greek will then commence. I'll hold out on German as long as possible. So maybe I have two or three more years German-free.


Blogger P J Williams said...

You should probably add Latin to the list so that you can understand scholars of a previous generation. It is a good deal easier than Eblaite.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Beefman Steve said...

A formidable task! This would be far less challenging if you had learned these languages growing up. Prepare for the headaches! ;)

9:55 PM  

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