Friday, April 28, 2006

Scribal Errors

When scribes copied scriptural texts, they made these types of unintentional errors:

Homophony - Replacing a word with another similar sounding word
Dittography - Repetition of words or letters
Homoioteleuton - Omission caused by similar word endings
Mistaken Letters - Misreading one letter as another
Fusion - Not separating words correctly
Metathesis – Changing word order

I make similar mistakes in my work, but the most common to me is Homophony (although misspelling ranks the greatest). I depend on technology to take care of my slippery strokes and a critical mind to question my errant ears. Thank Yahweh I was never put in charge of duplicating scriptural texts. I'd probably make scholars scratch their head harder than those looking at Codex Cantabrigiensis.


Blogger mishabomb said...

SOL - How do you find out about these things? Truly, God has given you an amazing curiosity and intellect. Thanks for blessing us and I hope it continues to forward His mission :)

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