Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Da Vinci Delirium

There comes a point when so much attention is paid to a thing in order to verify its irrelevance that the opposite end is achieved. After all, a minority view is not the talk of the majority. And usually, when something of little value or worth is proffered, it is not usually treated like gold. That which is ridiculous is more often ignored and dismissed than turned into the focus of a giant symposium. When a clown points his finger at you, rarely do you respond by gathering together a small militia and pointing loaded submachine guns back at him.

Yet everywhere I turn, I cannot escape the constant obsession among Christians with opposing Brown's book. One would think from the importance and stir wrought, that if Brown had walked into a gathering of historical scholars and seminary professors and expounded his ideas, he would leave them shaking in their boots instead of being laughed out of the building with The DVC between his legs and every ounce of dignity destroyed. What's next...a movie in response to the movie?

So why has the opposite occurred? Why has a peddler of arcane imaginations who wouldn't be given the time of day been treated as if he knew what he was talking about and has something that really could cause an upset? If a man can pick up The DVC and think it has something relevant to say about Christ or Christianity, what needs to be addressed is not the book.


Anonymous Daniel said...

Answer: 40 million copies sold.
More people are buying this book than the Bible, and more are reading it from cover to cover than the Bible.

Church history is replete with the teachings of long-forgotten heresies which are now only known by the orthodox polemics written against them.

What I find intersting are the sites that attack DVC solely on literary grounds, showing it to be very poorly written. What that tells me is that people WANT to read--or watch--anything that attacks the historicity of the Bible account. But they'll pass it off as 'a good read' or 'a great movie' not wanting to admit to their true underlying motives.

9:43 AM  
Blogger slaveofone said...

So The DVC is making lots of money and perhaps outselling the Bible in terms of numbers--big whoop.

You mention church history being replete with polemics written against long-forgotten heresies...which is another thing I find incomprehensible.

Why have Christians historically continually exerted so much energy refuting irrelevant and ridiculous things? It's mind-boggling. Aren't there better things to do with our time? Aren't there real issues that need addressing that don't involve refuting the rants of ignorants who could obviously care less about truth in the first place? What is all this really achieving?

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