Thursday, April 13, 2006

Poem To The Crucified King

by slaveofone

Once upon a hill of pain
There hung a sacrificial lamb
Without blemish or defect
That held no worth to mortal man.

Their spit ran down across His face
His clothes were torn and cast aside
The sting of word and whip his gain
To bring about a holy bride.

The certificate of debt
That hung above my cell
Convicted me of all my sin
And banished me to hell

This legal scroll of sentenced time
That was a witness to my crime
Wouldn't fall until I'd paid
For the sins the Judge had bade.

My only hope a single word
Inscribed upon its judgement deep
That pardoned me from a law
I wasn't meant to keep.

Yet from the tree I heard a shout
A victorious battle cry,
Resounding from a hollow skin
He said, Tetelestai!

Paid in full! I heard Him say.
My heart was turned to mud
For my certificate of debt
Was covered by His blood.

And so it happened in that day
On the hilltop of the skull
Yeshua gave his life away
My debt was paid in full.


Anonymous Cori said...

That's really pretty. Good job, slaveofone.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Berry said...

Hey this is really beautiful!!!

5:35 PM  

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