Saturday, July 01, 2006

Natural Evil

The reason for what we call “natural evil” is the failure of mankind to have dominion and rule over creation as he was purposed to by Yahweh in Genesis. Yeshua became the “second Adam” in that he succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of the first—dominion and rule over creation.

Yeshua was a like a magnet that naturally aligns metallic bits to its order, and he took dominion and rule over creation in the place of the first Adam. He naturally healed the sick, naturally raised the dead, and naturally calmed the storm—in other words, appropriately dealt with “natural evils”. Now that Yeshua has received for himself the kingdom, he has given it to us Christians—his body/representative on Earth. And it is therefore up to us to do what he did—i.e., follow him—have dominion over creation itself by restoring it and bringing it into its intended order by the power and authority of Yeshua who reigns.

“Super”natural entities are "super"fluous to the main concern. They only influence this equation at the personal level by influencing and enticing people towards their own broken/fallen nature. Thus they effect the present “natural evil” by manipulating fallen man towards continuance in his fallenness, which means not being able to restore creation, and so “natural evils” remain.

If anything, what I would call “natural evils” is "unnatural” or “preternatural consequence". We are used to people getting sick and dying and of hurricanes destroying cities and killing people...and if there are “super”natural entities, they only have power to suggest to us that this is the way things are naturally. The question is whether we're going to believe them and blame Yahweh for our fallen state and inability to affect change when Yahweh has provided and showed us the way, or whether we're going to follow that way and bring the redemption of Yeshua into creation itself as he showed us.


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